EFT Supervision

As soon as you have completed your EFT Externship training, you can start your mentorship/supervision hours with a Certified EFT Supervisor. Learning EFT skills can take a long time to get really comfortable and receiving mentorship and supervision in the process is key. After completing the Externship, two core skills training, and a minimum of 8 hours of supervision, you can apply to become certified as an EFT Therapist. The certification requirements for a Level 1 EFT Therapist can be found at this link below.

Level 1:  EFT Therapist Certification

Tina Sirois-Leblanc


Currently, Tina is the only active EFT supervisor in New Brunswick recognized by the ICEEFT. She has completed her Masters in Counselling from the Université de Moncton in 2001 and became Certified as an EFT Couples Therapist in 2011. She has her own full-time private practice working with couples and families, and has started a business with her husband to provide online training to improve well-being and teaching couples on how to get unstuck and become resilient in their relationship. (www.BetterYourself365.com)


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Supervision Options with Tina

 2024 Dates Coming Soon!

EFT Lunch & Learn 

*All Lunch & Learns from 12:00 to 1:00 on a Confidential Zoom Platform*



Group Consultation/Supervision

*All Group Consultations from 12:00 to 1:30 on a Confidential Zoom Platform



Private Consultation/Supervision (1 on 1)

*Only available on Mondays and Fridays

*Call or email to schedule an appointment

*In person OR on a Confidential Zoom Platform


Contact Tina at the following email to find out more about these options: Tina@Betteryourself365.com